Make Your Life Easier with RSS

By using an RSS feeds list websites users are able to only get the information they want. When you adopt RSS feed icons for website content you can start getting more users that only wanted specific things out of the website. This can make for happier internet users because they are not getting a ton of excess information that just takes up space.

Although the RSS feed for my website is very convenient and it works with many different systems, the Rich Site Summary was actually created by Netscape. Netscape created RSS for websites but that would cap their participation in the program for about eight years. As RSS for websites was being embraced by web publishers who wanted their feeds to be used on My.Netscape.Com and other early RSS portals, Netscape dropped RSS support from My.Netscape.Com. In April of 2011 AOL picked up from where Netscape left off and continued the technology that allows people who run websites to have icons for RSS feeds lists.

If you have ever used podcasting, putting an RSS feed on my website is kind of similar to podcasting but it can including video. Podcasting can be beneficial for people who are trying to start their own radio station or talk show. They can share their shows with their friends and others and then broadcast live. When you add RSS feeds list to your website content you make things more simple for yourself, the same as a podcast would do.

RSS for websites has been revamped many times since its first introduction. When I want an icon for RSS on my website I would definitely want the most updated versions to get the best looking RSS feeds lists. Since the beginning of RSS for websites it has been renamed Really Simple Syndication. With the help of this program website owners can make the information on their website more readily available to internet users.