Why Website Owners Use RSS feeds

Written by RSS Feed Icon on June 20, 2013. Posted in Homepage

If you spend time browsing the internet, chances are you have noticed the little orange square button that many bloggers and website owners use for RSS. Icons for RSS subscription buttons do not necessarily have to be orange. In fact, it is common for website owners to have a unique icon for RSS designed by a professional to match the rest of the theme of a website. What are the reasons for providing visitors an RSS feed list? First off, internet users rely on an RSS feed list to receive content automatically in their feed reader. An RSS feeds icon on a blog or a website alerts the visitor about the option made available to subscribe to the RSS feed list.

Instead of visiting each favorite website, an internet user can simply subscribe to an RSS feed list to receive content automatically. Therefore, internet users can save a significant amount of time by avoiding the need to browse several favorite websites online. In fact, companies also subscribe to feeds to increase their online productivity. For website owners, an RSS feed list is even more beneficial, especially for search engine optimization. If you are a website owner, you most likely heard of the common phrase “content is king.”

This phrase could not be any truer when it comes to implementing search engine optimization. An RSS feed list provides a website owner the ability to spread the unique and quality content around the web. Internet marketers use RSS feeds to promote products and services by using text, video, pictures, audio and even infographics. As you can see, RSS feeds provide convenience for both sides of the fence. Internet users can save time and website owners can produce more online awareness for their content, products, services and brand. Be sure to choose the best RSS website services to take full advantage of the benefits associated with RSS feeds.