RSS Feeds and Your Blog

Written by RSS Feed Icon on June 24, 2013. Posted in Homepage

Since its development in 1995 RSS (which now stands for “Really Simple Syndication”) feeds have grown in popularity. Millions of people subscribe to RSS feeds for everything from news to weather to iTunes updates. Whenever someone finds something of interest online, they look for the little orange and white RSS feed icons to subscribe and receive updates. And most of the time, they find it.

But did you know that you can use the same technique to increase the readership of your blog? Blogger RSS feeds are becoming more and more popular as bloggers hop on to the RSS bandwagon to streamline their syndication. By including the icon for RSS prominently on your blog, you give your readers an easy way to keep up with your posts, especially when new content arrives.

Giving readers an easy option to stay connected with you may seem like a case of preaching to the choir. After all, if someone is reading your blog, they obviously already know how to find you, so why should you need to make things easier? But the online world is all about convenience, and providing a blogger RSS feed is the pinnacle of convenience not only for your current readers, but for future readers as well.

Including icons for RSS on your website immediately lets readers know that yours is a site that is updated regularly. It goes without saying that your content must be engaging and worth the time of the reader to come back again and again, but once that is established, you owe it to yourself to give your blog every possible chance to reach as many people as it can. If a blog is has a blogger RSS feed and is easy to subscribe to, your readers will be much more likely to share it with their friends, and those friends will share it with their friends, and on and on until the entire planet is subscribed to your blog.

Okay, slight exaggeration there. But you should always set your goals high, especially when it comes to readership. And the only way you will reach a much larger audience is if your blogger RSS feed icon is prominently displayed where anyone and everyone can see it. Keep your quality high and your content fresh, and readers will want to subscribe. Just make sure that they can.