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Using Rss to Aggregate Information

Written by RSS Feed Icon on May 23rd, 2013. Posted in Homepage

Once when I was in college, I told my close friend about this sociological news website that I liked. That sounds cool, she told me. I will add it to my psychology rss feed. Rss feed? What was that, and how was it going to be helpful to her? It was not for several months after that, that I finally understood what an RSS was.

What is an RSS? Think of it as something like a social media news feed, except for actual site updates, not things about your friends. Basically, RSS feed lists are aggregating web content tools. They take lists of constantly updating information and display them in a unified format. So, for example, say you do have a psychology rss feeds list that follows six different blogs and sites that deal with this topic. Instead of having to check each site for updates every day, all you have to do is check the rss feed and it will tell you if there has been an update, and what the update is titled.

Adding an rss feed to your website or creating one for personal use is easy. All you have to do is look for rss feed icons. Rss feed icons are yellow orange in color, and have a white dot with two swerving lines around it, the shapes of a quarter of a circle outline. Rss feed icons are usually square, but can take on other shapes depending on the website.

Many websites and individuals use rss feeds since they are helpful in supplying the newest information, as well as directing traffic back toward the site. A cat blogger rss feed, for example, might run an rss for various cat news on their site. They might even use an rss icon in the shape of a cat!

Picking The Right Icon For RSS Content

Written by RSS Feed Icon on April 26th, 2013. Posted in Homepage

Having your RSS feeds organized is great, and your RSS feed list may be well maintained, but what about the right icons? Icons for RSS add an additional layer of labeling and organization that some users demand whenever they are reviewing their bookmarks. An icon for RSS activity makes it easier for users to both find and track RSS streams, and there are many different icons which are available to make that process even better. If you want to organize your streams to the most extensive degree possible, then using an icon for RSS management is going to be the best way to do it. One of the biggest advantages of using RSS feed icons is that you can promote a brand or logo through the feed itself, which can make it easier to keep fans hooked. Another advantage is that they can make the stream instantly recognizable without the need for a long or trailing text description.

Just having the unique icon for RSS recognition alone can make it easier for users to find, follow, and share the feed whenever they want. In addition, website owners can benefit from using an icon for RSS streams because it can allow users to instantly recognize the source of information aligned with the feed. If you just want to show users all of the latest news for example, and give them the ability to view that information by source, then using an icon for RSS can make it fast and easy for them to find the information that they are looking for. Further, blogger RSS feed traffic can be organized by icons for category. Stories which are funny, serious, or breaking news can all be labeled with an appropriate icon for RSS management.

Using these icons is more than smart. Labeling RSS feeds make it easy for users to find what they want in a RSS feeds list, and since every RSS icon is different, easily search those categories to find what they are looking for. Although you may need to create your own icon for RSS streams you yourself generate, you can also find helpful lists of icons to choose from that are public domain. Choosing the right icon is key, so be sure to review the RSS icon options you have carefully. You may find the perfect icon for RSS streams is just a click away.