Are You Offering Your Readers an Easy Way to Subscribe to Your Feed?

Written by RSS Feed Icon on September 27, 2013. Posted in Homepage

RSS, standing for “really simple syndication”, has long been an easy, effective way for publishers of web content to spread their work across the web. Only 17 to 32% of RSS feed readers actually know what RSS is. However, they do not need to know how the format works or why it works to understand the benefits of subscribing to their favorite site’s RSS feed.

RSS Saves Everyone Time

There are 634 million websites, according to Pingdom, of varying levels of quality, on ostensibly infinite topics spread across the web. If you want to find something quickly and easily on the web that actually matches your interests, then you have to find some way to make the process more efficient. Google, the most important search engine on the web, indexes 30 trillion pages, 100 billion times a month, according to VentureBeat. There has to be a better, more efficient way for web users to find content.

RSS feed lists and RSS readers are that better way. A RSS feeds list categorizes RSS feeds by topic and subject, allowing readers to easily navigate specific content topics far easier than they can in general search engines. 57% of web users wish they could spend less time searching the web for content they love. RSS feeds can provide that service.

Make It Easy to Subscribe

The whole reason RSS works is because it is convenient. If you are not providing your readers with a way to easily subscribe to your RSS feed, you are completely defeating the purpose of the format. The best way to get readers to subscribe to your feed is by providing icons for RSS on your page.

The RSS feeds icon is square shaped and orange, depicting a dot and a series of arc-like waves emanating from it. The majority of your readers may not know what exactly RSS is, but they will undoubtedly recognize icons for RSS as a way of subscribing to your feed to gain a convenient way to follow your content.

How to Install an Icon

In order to install icons for RSS on your page you will need to have some knowledge of HTML. However, if you lack that, BloggerSentral features a step by step guide on how to find an icon for your page and link it through an HTML script they provide. From there you simply paste the script into your website template to get a RSS feed icon.

Regardless of what type of webpage you run, for business or pleasure, utilizing RSS feeds is a great way for you to get your content in front of people. However, you have to make it easy for people to use this service. Installing icons for RSS on your page will allow you to do just that.